If you have questions about an event contact us at 361-852-1212 or send us an email here.  If you want to schedule an event contact our manager Craig Cook.


 When the calendar shows we have a Steel Challenge match, CBS match or 3 Gun match which is basically every Sunday other than when Holidays fall on a Sunday; We will be setting the matches up in the back bays late Saturday afternoons.  This effectively closes them until the match is finished on Sunday afternoon. When we hit daylight savings on March 8th and as the days get longer we will be able to set up a little latter in the day, until daylight savings ends again at the end of October and the days are shorter. As a reminder the back bays 10-16 were built specifically for competitions, when not used for competition they are open for member general use.  The clubhouse and shotgun fields are closed on New Year's Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Thank you.

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