Special order pouch

Here is a picture of a new CCPRC Logo embossed pouch we can have special ordered.  Takes about two weeks once the order is placed.  We have a sample pouch at the club house for your inspection.  The large pouch will hold 50 12 gauge shells and 50 empties.  We can also order a smaller pouch that holds 25/25.  We can order in tan as shown or in a brown.  Both are divided into two sections.  The large also has a side pocket for chokes, ear plugs, etc.  Large pouch is $160 and small pouch is $110.  Both are made with premium leather and are considered to be firm. 



Here is a list of projects completed from Jan 2014 through October of 2016.

List of completed projects since Jan 2014 to October 2016
Projects completed to August 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [381.9 KB]
White Flyer letter.jpg
JPG image [496.6 KB]


The cost of skeet, trap and five stand is now $5.50 for members due to a price increase by White Flyer.  See letter above from White Flyer.



We have throwm 100,840 sporting clay targets in the first 4 months of operations.



February 2018



As a reminder we are starting the reclaiming process on the shotgun fields this morning. The skeet and trap fields will open at 1:00 pm today and close at 6:00pm. The sporting clays course will open at 10:30 and close at 5:30pm today for those wishing to shoot clay targets prior to 1:00pm.

The Shotgun fields will open at 1:00 pm Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 9:00 am Saturday/Sunday and be closed on Mondays and Fridays the next 3-4 weeks or until the lead reclaiming process is finished.

Stay warm!



We are about to start the process of reclaiming the lead shot here at the club. This will mean several things. First, starting on about Monday February 5 and until the process is finished the shotgun fields and pattern board will only be open during times the clubhouse is open (normal posted hours) and second the fields will only be open when opened by a CCPRC employee. The process could take 3-4 weeks depending on weather and the contractors uninterrupted time in the field.


January 2018

Happy New Year!  Get'er Started skeet shoot and youth Steel Chalenge fundraiser this month see calandar and events page for details.


December 2017


Sporting clays course grand opening, see sporting clays tab/page for more info.





As a reminder our annual membership dues are to be paid by 12-31-2017 for the upcoming 2018 year. As we have the last several years we will provide a very short grace period before we turn off gate cards (starting 1-7-18 cards for un-renewed members will be turned off untll renewals are processed).  As of this writting about 1/3 of our members have already renewed.


Happy Thanksgiving to all our members and their families!  Hope you all have a safe Thanksgiving.  As a reminder the clubhouse will be closed on Thanksgiving day sso our employees can spend time with their families.

Our annual members meeting is Wednesday November 1 at 7:00 pm.
In addition to electing 3 directors for the board we will review the past year's progress and improvements, discuss plans for the future. If there is a topic that that a member wants to bring up during the meeting it will need to be placed on the agenda by 7:00 pm Monday October 30.


October 2017


Monday morning October 16 we will be doing work in the rifle range.

The rifle range will be closed in the morning from about 8:15 a.m. to about 12 noon.


Keep an eye out for the membership letter anouncing board elections. It will also contain your renewal and dues notice for 2018. These are planned to be mailed the week of October 16.


September 2017


We are continuing work on the new sporting clays course as we also make repairs from the hurricane.  Also added two additional berms in bay 10.



August 2017


The construction for CCPRC Sporting Clay Course has started!!


Pictures of our ground breaking, can be seen on our facebook page, with Texas Parks and Wildlife representative Renán Zambrano, Education & Outreach / Program Coordinator, CCPRC Board President Byron Hough, Vice President and sporting clays committee chairman Jeff Hyde, manager Craig Cook, board members Philip Guarisco and Dennis Bosley.

As noted earlier partial construction (about 75%) of this course is being made possible from sporting arms and ammunition excise taxes known as Wildlife Restoration Funds. Funds are provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and administered by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Also attached below is a copy of an article discussing this program.


Sporting Clays is the fastest growing segment in the clay target sports far outstripping skeet and trap. This course will add a segment to our club offerings that will make us the most complete club in south Texas. The closest sporting ranges are currently in San Antonio, Laredo and the Houston area. It is one of many improvements we have been able to make to our club over the last 7 years. Here is a summary of the improvements we have made at the club from 2010 through summer 2017; the what, where and how much the club has spent on capital improvements:

• $ 177,164 in General club improvements. Includes new septic systems, new patio and club house roof, ADA ramp, remodel bathrooms, new A/C, remodel kitchen, foundation work, parking lot work and road work from county road 763 to bay 16.

• $362,387 in Pistol and Rifle range improvements. Includes turning direction of rifle range higher safer berms, adding more bays (5-16), carports for all, concrete under carports on RR and bays 4-8, road base under carports 10-16, improving road into rifle range, improving drainage for all bays and rifle range, additional parking areas by each bay and parking in back for matches, repair of berms (2014) and new covered pistol building (2016).

• $99,202 in Shotgun field and equipment improvements. Includes various concrete work for sidewalks, 4 machines for 5 stand, upgrading a trap machine, 2 new and 2 used replacement skeet machines, new lights & wiring for shotgun fields, new pattern board and fencing, coin box for 5-stand, voice activation systems for 5 stand and voice activation system for a skeet field.

The new sporting clays course will cost CCPRC an estimated $115,867 after the TXPWD grant pays about 75%. This will increase the shotgun capital expenditures to $215,069 when finished.


Pricing and reservation policies for the sporting course will be published sometime in late September. The course should be finished in the fourth quarter depending on weather.


New file download


Capital Improvements 2010-2017


In response to a couple questions I went back into our accounting records to research what, where and how much the club has spent on capital improvements from 2010 through April 2017. 

  • $ 177,164 in General club improvements.  Includes new septic systems, new patio and club house roof, ADA ramp, remodel bathrooms, new A/C, remodel kitchen, foundation work, parking lot work and road work from county road 763 to bay 16.
  • $362,387 in Pistol and Rifle range improvements.  Includes turning direction of rifle range, adding more bays (5-16), carports for all, concrete under carports on RR and bays 4-8, road base under carports 10-16, improving road into rifle range, improving drainage for all bays and rifle range, additional parking areas by each bay and parking in back for matches, repair of berms (2014) and new covered pistol building (2016).
  • $99,202 in Shotgun field and equipment improvements.  Includes various concrete work for sidewalks, 4 machines for 5 stand, upgrading a trap machine, 2 new and 2 used replacement skeet machines, new lights & wiring for shotgun fields, new pattern board and fencing, coin box for 5-stand, voice activation systems for 5 stand and replacement voice activition system for a skeet field.

The new sporting clays course will cost CCPRC an estimated $115,867 after the TXPWD grant pays about 75%.  This will increase the shotgun capital expenditures to $215,069 when finished.



CCPRC Sporting Clays Course

Corpus Christi Pistol & Rifle Club Board of Directors and management is proud to announce we have entered into an agreement with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to build a Sporting Clays Course here at the club.  Texas Parks and Wildlife, through a federal assistance grant with the US Fish and Wildlife Service will provide about 75% of the funds ($283M) to help construct the course.  CCPRC will provide the remaining 25% plus cost of the Environmental impact Statement.  The grant process has been lengthy and very detailed with successful Environmental Assessment, Cultural and Biological Assessments being completed.  The course designer who was very helpful in the process is Heyward Cunningham of Promatic, Inc., one of the premier course designers in the world and the machines will be supplied by Promatic which are some of the best sporting clays machines on the market.  Also helpful is assisting on the grant process was Steven Kocurek of KLM which will be the main contractor for the construction phase.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant Coordinator Renan Zambrano also relays the TPWD excitement about the project; it will provide additional opportunities to an area of Texas that is currently under served for Sporting Clays. It will also provide additional training for new hunters under controlled live fire conditions on a greater variety of simulated game targets.

When completed the course will sit on about 45 acres, have 15 stations with 12 active at any one time, and space to move the current five stand course in the future (currently located by the skeet fields) and possibly add a second five stand course, or zzbirds or another shogun clay target game that can be decided at a later date.  We will have a good selection of target types including rabbits, teal, midis, Battue, chondel and both right and left handed standard targets, a total of 28 machines.

Sporting Clays is the fastest growing clay target shooting sport in the USA.  Adding Sporting Clays to the existing selection of offerings here at the club will make CCPRC the most complete shooting sports club south of San Antonio and it is all in one location.  Our future Sporting Clays course like all our other shotgun clay target sports will be open to the public during normal club operating hours.  We are already getting request from several fundraising groups to set dates for shoots.   It is too early in the process to take reservations for shoot dates.  The reservation policy and pricing also need to be refined and finalized prior to accepting reservations.  We will announce when we are accepting reservations for the course which we hope will be finished by the 4th quarter of 2017.  The construction of the course will involve building a cart path, building several small berms/small hills for landscaping effects, addressing drainage around and within the course, planting trees, bushes and grass, as well as building the 15 stations.  These will take several months.  We want to make sure we take the necessary time to construct the best sporting clays course we can within our budget.    Besides being open to members, their guests and the public the club will also be using the course for the annual Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club shoot.  We also plan to have at least one registered NSCA/TSCA shoot on an annual basis. 


Attached is a first draft of the concept course used for the grant process.  The actual final course is currently being worked on by Heyward Cunningham and will resemble the concept draft, the final may have different features and features in slightly different locations than shown on the draft.

The weekend of May 12-14 we will be hosting the CC Open NSSA Skeet shoot on shotgun fields 2-5.  5 Stand will not open on Sunday 14th.



Friday April 7th all shotgun fields will be in use for the API Skeet shoot from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.

On Sunday April 9th we have a Shotgun Fun Shoot Scheduled with registration starting at 12:00 noon and shooting to start at 1:00 pm.  See flyer at clubhouse door or online on events page for details.  Trap 1, 2, Skeet 3 and 5 and 5 Stand will be in use for the fun shoot.  (Skeet field 4 will remain available for non-fun shoot use).




Last Thursday was such a hit we will continue having a dinner available for our Thursday night shooters. The menu for this coming Thursday night (3/2) will be:
• Green chicken enchiladas casserole
• Rice
• Beans
• Salad
• Brownies
• Drink
• All for $10.00


John Shima is coming to CCPRC for a two day clinic on April 21 and 22.

John is a World Champion Skeet Shooter, Master NSSA Skeet instructor (there are 4 levels of instructors, levels 1 to 3 and Master is the highest) and one of only two instructors in the USA to have certification from the famed England’s Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors. 
John is also an acclaimed author of shooting articles in Skeet Shooting Review (now Clay Target Nation) and has written two outstanding books on shooting clay targets that would benefit both skeet and Sporting/5 Stand shooters. John has an incredible skill when it comes to providing solutions for a shooter that is having issues seeing targets. His method of addressing targets for five stand/sporting is adapted from the English method. The English have for many years dominated that sport over American shooters at the World level.

Both Chance and Joyce Hunsaker who made the Texas 4H State Nationals Team (2015 and 2017) have taken many lessons from John for both skeet and most importantly five Stand/Sporting.

To learn more about John go to his Website:


Friday will be set up for skeet lessons on a two hour basis and Saturday will be set for 5 Stand lessons also on a two hour basis (with possibility of some skeet sessions or dual skeet/five stand in the afternoon).
Sessions on both days will be 9:00 am-11am, 11am-1 pm, 1pm-3 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm

Two hour clinics with 3 shooters per clinic @ $150.00 per shooter or for a private lesson it is $250.00 per hour for an individual shooter.

Please contact Craig Cook either by phone of email to schedule lessons.


The clubhouse and shotgun fields will be closed on Saturday and Sunday December 24 & 25 so our employees may enjoy time with their families during Christmas.

New Year's eve and day

The clubhouse and shotgun fields will be open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturday December 31 and closed all day on Sunday January 1 for new years.


December 2-4 is the annual Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Trap Shoot.  500 ATA registered targets.  Belt buckle awards for event champs and class 1st.  All shotgun fields will be in use for this event starting at 12:00 noon Friday 12/2 through the finish of the shoot on Sunday 12/4.  See our face book page for pictures of the buckles.


The December board of directors meeting will be on 12/13 at 6:30 PM.




As a reminder sunset starting on November 6 is about 5:40 pm which is cease fire on shotgun fields and 20 minutes later is cease fire on all pistol/rifle bays/range which is 6:00 pm now, and will a minute shorter each day through late December.

The clubhouse and shotgun fields will open at 1:00 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 9 am on Sat/Sun, closing at sunset (5:45 pm) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. If you want to have time to shoot a round of trap or skeet you should plan on being here no later then 5:00 pm on days we close at sunset, earlier if you want to shoot more than one round. Also starting this week we will close on Thursday nights at 10:00 pm until the end of February.

Saturday November 12, the club is hosting the Junior League Skeet (and trap) Shoot and washer tossing tournament. Includes trap, skeet, a flurry at five stand and washers. All shotgun fields will be in use from 8:30 am to about 4:00 pm on Saturday 11/12 for this fundraising event.


At our annual meeting new directors Phil Underwood. Dennis Bosley and Robert Galbreath were elected to the board.  Byron Hough and Jeff Hyde were re-elected as President and Vice President of the board of directors. 


Saturday, October 15, the Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club will have their annual fundraiser shoot. Shoot will start at 9 am and will last to about 3:30 PM. All shotgun fields will be in use for this event. For additional information contact Jeff Hyde or Robert Galbreath. This will be a "Super Sporting" event of 100 targets if you want to practice for sporting clays or hunting this is a great shoot and it helps offset cost for our youth shooting program here at the club.



Covered pistol and rifle range construction update. Bay 6 is open for use. Bays 4 and 5 are open for use with pistols and 22 lR only.  The new covered pistol shooting area is progressing nicely.  We tested the prototype pully system and it works like a champ, 7 cranks and the target is downrange the full 15 yards.  Rain slowed us down setting termil post for the system, they are in now and the remaining parts for the pully system have were ordered and showing up daily (different venders).  The concrete work on the sidewalks on the shotgun fields will start on Tuesday Oct 11 and with good weather may finish up within a week.


JULY/August 2016 

July 14--

Covered pistol and rifle range construction update. Bay 6 is open for use. Bays 4 and 5 continued to be closed. The rifle range is planned to be closed Monday 7/18 as we finish up rebuilding the 50 and 100 yard berms. We will have the green sign by the entrance that says "rifle range closed" please respect the sign if it is out at the entrance for both your safety and that of the workers.

thank you





News from our club President:

Your Board of Directors has approved building a new structure that will house 23 divided shooting stations under one roof. It will incorporate a pulley system to set targets at the desired distance from 1-15 yards. That's the good news. The not so good part is that with construction comes a little inconvenience. Dirt work will begin today or tomorrow. The west berm of Bay 5 will be removed, a pad for the building will be made as well as increasing the height of several berms throughout the club. Obviously bay 5 will be closed once construction begins, and we will have to stop shooting in the areas where workers and equipment are on top of the berms. Please be careful and remain aware of where the workers are.
The plan is for the pad to be done by July 8th, the slab work will begin on July 11th, and then construction on the rest of the project can begin. All of this is subject to weather so it is not an exact timeline. Please be patient, it will all be worth it in the end.
Repairs and upgrades continue to take place on the skeet and trap fields. In addition to the new awnings that have been built, the board has alloted money to repair many sections of the sidewalk as well as some of the pads adjacent to the fields. Once again, this will require patience on our part as some fields will be shut down during this process. I don't have a schedule on that work yet but I will keep you posted.
We didn't have a Swap Meet in the Spring and many have been asking to have one, so I have scheduled one for July 23, from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. By swap meet we mean patio sale, yard sale, whatever you want to call it. This is an opportunity for you to clean out your gun related stuff and sell it, trade it, or give it away. We will set up on the clubhouse patio, and all club members are welcome to participate. Bring only gun related items, no firearms can be displayed for safety reasons. You can however have a list of firearms you want to sell and if someone is isterested you can deal with them away from the patio. We don't want to be responsible for checking and zip tying firearms like a gun show.
This sale will be advertised and open to the public, however only our club members will be allowed to display and sell items. Come early and pick your table. We'll have coffee and donuts so it will be a good time to visit with other members. If you have any questions please call me (Byron Hough) @ 548-7132.
Time for me to head to the club. Keep shooting and keep safe.
I'll see you on the range,
Byron Hough CCPRC President



We have our next shotgun/clay target fun shoot on June 12th.  Go to the Event page for details.


Congrats to CCPRC member James Bednorz on hos win at the Southwest Grand Trap shoot at the NSC in San Antonio.  He won the Handicap Championship!!  He is also featured on the cover of the June issue of "Trap & Field" magazine.





We will close early today 5/15/2016 due having 3 inches of rain with lots of standing water around the club with more to come.


May 1st 3 Gun match is cancelled.


We have our CC Open NSSA skeet shoot 4/29 to 5/1 see the events/flyers page for details and the flyer.


Pistol/Rifle bays one through nine (1-9) will be closed starting at 11:45 am Friday May 6th until Saturday May 7th at 7 pm. The CCPRC Board of directors voted to close them during the 4H shoot to reduce the chance of an accident to one of the 250 participants in the Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet club annual event who will be shooting sporting clays in the back of the club.


All Shotgun fields will be closed all day on Friday 5/6 in preparation for and during the Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club annual shoot.  Fields will be closed until close of business on Saturday 5/7.   Shotgun fields will reopen for normal usage on Sunday May 8th at 9 am.




This weekend (3/26-27)  our monthly Steel Challenge match has been moved to Saturday due to Easter Sunday. We will set up the match Friday afternoon and the match will use the back competition bays Saturday morning until about 3:00 pm.

On Sunday we will open the clubhouse at 1:30 on Easter Sunday and we will start our Easter Target Hunt (shoot) at 2:00 pm. We will have a random mix of "Easter Targets" (white, green and pink) in the target stacks. If you have a Easter target thrown when you call AND you break it come to the club house for a Easter goody! The Easter Bunny suggest you come early if you want the best chance as he is only providing a limited number of special targets.



3 Gun, Steel Challenge and CBS matches this month check the calendar.




As noted earlier Todd Bender is holding a skeet clinic here at CCPRC Jan 29 to Feb 2, 2 sessions a day, 4 hours each (morning and afternoon). All sessions are booked with one exception, we have openings for the Monday Feb 1st session. If you are interested give Craig a call at the clubhouse or send an email to A great way to up your skeet game quickly, does not make any difference if you are a beginner or an experienced competitor, Todd can help your game.
Todd is the one of the world's top skeet instructors and we are honored to have him here for a clinic. To learn more about Todd go to
We have our first registered skeet shoot of the year January 29-31.   The "Get'er Started" 



This coming weekend 12/18 and 12/19 CBS will make up both it's tactical shotgun and USPSA Toys for Tots match on Saturday 12/19. Both matches will be on Saturday 12/19. Set up will be Friday afternoon. This means the back (#s 10-16) bays will be closed late Friday for set up and Saturday during the match until about 4:00 PM Saturday afternoon. The back bays will be open on Sunday. Please plan accordingly.
See the CBS (Coastal Bend Shooters) website for details.


December 4-5-6 we have the Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Trapshoot starting at 2:00 pm on Friday and finishing late Sunday afternoon.  Program book can be found on the "events and flyers" page.  All shotgun fields in use for this event.


We also have our monthly 3Gun match and on Saturday a 3Gun coaching session. Remember that Match Director James Gill has obtained another BPM (Barnes Precision Machine) complete upper to be given away as a door prize. We are going to give it away on the January 3 match. Everyone that shot the 11/1 match, shoots the 12/6 and the 1/3 match will have their name in the bucket, once for each match shot. This means that if you shoot each match you get your name in the bucket 3 times, shoot one match then your name goes in one time.

Also for shooters wishing to have a coaching session with James starting on Saturday December 5th using some of the stages that will be used the next day in the match. Sgt. James Gill (USMC Ret) was the Coach for the Marine Shooting Team besides being a 3Gun Nation Pro Shooter. Those that Sign up for the guided coaching session also have the option to shoot with James’ squad on Sunday and continue the coaching during the match (limited to the first 10 shooters that sign up for the guided coaching session or next on the list if one of the first ten will shoot on another squad). The coaching session will have a separate sign up option on Practiscore and the session will cost $80 for the approximate 3 hour session which will start at about 3:00 pm (12/5), earlier if the match is finished being setup.

Practiscore link for the Guided Coaching session 12/5:…/register

Link for the match on 12/6:…/register

For more information on the match go to our 3Gun website:







11/13 and 11/14

This coming weekend we have the Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club fundraiser clay target shoot.  All the shotgun fields will be in use for this event and we will start setting up on Friday afternoon about 1:00 pm.  All shotgun fields will be closed starting  Friday 11/13 until we finish the event late Saturday afternoon.



Our annual members meeting and board elections will be held on Wednesday November 4 at 7:00 pm on the clubhouse patio.  Members that are both current in membership status and present on the patio may vote.

There are three board member slots up for election.  The following is the slate of candidates
Gred Bailey
Dennis Bosley
Brett Fagg
Jeff Hyde (Incumbent)
Kevin Keetch (Incumbent)
Jim Shamess


Each candidate will give a short speech and then answer any questions the members may have prior to votes being cast.  One vote allowed per current and present family membership.  A letter from the board secretary is in the mail to announce this and remind members that the renewal fee of $144.00 is due by January 1, 2016 along with your membership renewal agreement for the 2016 membership year.


The Singles event for the Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Trap shoot is now full with 70 shooters (with a month to go to the shoot). The other events have very limited openings. If you are interested in shooting please sign up for the events you can on Presquad and then email me at to be placed on a waiting list. Cancellations that may occur will be filled from the waiting list.



In October we will be teaming up with the NAS Aviator Memorial Foundation to have a two day Steel Challenge match Oct. 24 & 25.  

Their fundraiser on Saturday will cost $65 per shooter with a T-shirt and lunch included. They will have door prizes as well as guns to give away for the top shooters. Sunday we will extend this into a two day event with our regular club match @ $20 per shooter. We will combine the scores from both days and have awards for the top 3 shooters in Iron Sight Pistol, Open Pistol, Iron Sight Revolver, Open Revolver, Iron Sight Rim Fire Pistol , Open Rim Fire Pistol, Iron Sight Rim Fire Carbine, and Open Rim Fire Carbine. We will also have a Steel Master award for the fastest combination of two center fire handguns (only one open gun). We plan on having lunch available for those that want it on Sunday.You don't have to shoot both days, to be eligible for awards but you will have to shoot Saturday to be eligible for the NAS prize table.

If you would like to sign up for this match please shoot Byron Hough an email (  with contact information as well as gun/guns and days you want to shoot. If shooting Saturday please include T-Shirt size.

This match will include all 8 stages on both days!

For more information you can go to or


Steel Challenge practice has been changed to be on the Saturday afternoon prior to the monthly Steel Challenge monthly match.  For October with a two day match there will be no practice on Saturday afternoon 10/24.



Come out and see our new five stand set up.  We have finished reworking our five stand to make it safer, more enjoyable and give more variety in the target presentation.  To do this we spread out the shooting stands which gives the same targets a completely different look.  For example what is an outgoing target at station one becomes a crosser at station 5 with the improvements.  By spreading them out it is more enjoyable as you do not feel the  blast from your neighbors.  We also added "wings" to the cages which help limit the swing of the barrel making them safer for all concerned.

Starting today and for the next two weeks, 9/15 to 9/27 (when weather permits) we will have five stand open two additional days a week.  It will be open at 4:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays and open at 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday.  It will close at 7:00 pm on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, Thursday it will close at 10:30 pm during this period.  We are doing this on a trial basis to see if having it open more days a week will increase usage.  There may be times when you will have to have someone in your group "self" pull on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Come out and get ready for hunting season with a few rounds at our new five stand!



We had another great 3 gun match on August 2nd see our website for details and pictures.  




August 7-9 CCPRC is hosting the Texas portion of the NSSA Zone VI skeet Championships.




July 4th shootgun fun shoot 10 am to 3 pm.  Club House and shotgun fields close at 4:00 pm.


July 5th 3-Gun monthly match


Are you Ready?

CCPRC 3-Gun Match Director and 3-Gun Nation Pro Shooter Sgt. James Gill (USMC retired) has seven (7) stages ready to challenge the best 3 gunner and be fun for those just starting. Bring plenty of ammo. There will be options/choices for shooters so individual round count could vary depending on which firearm is used to engage the target array he presents (and how well you shoot). The round count looks like this:
140 rifle
140 pistol
70 bird shot
The longest shot will be about 125 yards and there will be others that simulate longer range shots. There will be one classifier using all three guns. Besides ammo bring your thinking cap, if it is anything like the June match, to do well you will need to think as well as be fast and accurate.

A follow up post with a link to Practicescore sign up will follow.

Gates open: 9 am

Registration and Squading: 9:30 am
Safety Speech: 9:50 am
Hammer Down: 10:00 am

Setting up: Saturday @ 4:00 pm.

(and you get to visit with a great guy and veteran while you set up).

Door prizes (5 drawn at safety meeting) and a prize table for the top finisher in each of the following 3 classes (minimum of 3 shooters per class or combined classes for prize otherwise classes will be combined)

top finisher out of combined Unlimited and Practical
top finisher out of combined Factory, Heavy Optics and Heavy Sport
top finisher from 2 gun

Match Fee:

Club Members: $15
NON Members: $20
JUNIORS 18 & under: $15 (or $5 with paid adult).

3-Gun score upload $3.00

DISCOUNT: Free match fee for anyone who helps set up Saturday afternoon.

For questions and weather updates:
Please check websites for updates.
361-852-1212 or email








3-Gun Nation Pro James Gill will be helping CCPRC with our 3-Gun program we need to thank Coastal Bend Shooters (CBS) as they had to agree to move their monthly USPSA match to the 2nd Sunday (June 14) in order for us to have James as his schedule has him available on the first Sunday. Our club calendar as of now only reflects the change for June as we "catch up" with mowing and other items that need our attention. We are looking forward to getting back into the swing for 3-gun with a Pro on our team.  James Gill will be the Match Director for CC-3Gun June match 6/7/15!

Here is a link to an interview and video of James shooting at the 3-Gun Nation Pro Qualifier in 2013.…/p…/1681/artmid/1683/articleid/132775

Here is a little bit about James in his own words:

Born in San Antonio, TX to John and Mary Gill. My grandfather and father were in the Navy, and that influenced me to join the Marine Corps in 2004.

In 2005, I did my first tour in Afghanistan, and in 2006 I did my second tour in Iraq. In April of 2006, I was severely wounded by two IED explosions. I ended up losing my right leg, my left eye, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I was then sent home to San Antonio to BAMC and the Center for the Intrepid for physical therapy. In June 2008, I had a revision to my amputation due to a staph infection. Soon after, I discovered my passion for Competitive Shooting.

My interest in Competitive Shooting really began as a rebellion against not being allowed to requalify for rifle after I was injured. I was considered a "liability" due to having only one eye now. Oh the irony.... as fate would have it, I would later become the head coach for the United States Marine Combat Shooting team and the first Marine to become a professional shooter in 3Gun. What started as a hobby, quickly turned into a dream job.

In 2010, I re-enlisted and became the Head Coach for the Marine Combat Shooting Team.

Unfortunately, on November 30, 2014 I was medically retired from the Marine Corps.

I obtained a few awards and some expertise during my time in the Corps:

* Recipient of two Purple Hearts

* Certified NRA Instructor

* Head Coach/Competitor/Instructor/Armorer United States Marine Combat Shooting Team

* Combat Marksmanship Coach United States Marine Corps

* High Risk Personel Instructor United States Marine Corps

* Small Arms Artillery Repairer United States Army Ordnance School

* Tactical Combat Casualty Care United States Marine Corps

* Formal School Instructor Course United States Marine Corps

* Foreign Weapons Instructor Course United States Marine Corps

* Infantry Rifleman Course United States Marine Corps

* Recruit Training United States Marine Corps

* Patrol Leader/Designated Marksman/Radio Transmission Operator 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines Kilo Company

* Began shooting USPSA in 2006 (A class Open Limited)

* Began 3Gun in 2008, qualified for pro in 2013.

Besides the above he also helped several gun clubs back east develop their 3-Gun programs into class acts. OK, looks like James is very qualified to help CCPRC with the CC3-Gun program, hope to see you out there to help and to meet James.


Here is what the match looks like:

Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club
3 GUN Monthly Match
June 7, 2015
Gates open: 9 am
Registration and Squading: 9:30 am
Safety Speech: 9:50 am
Hammer Down: 10:00 am

Link to Practice Score registration:…/register

Setting up: Saturday @ 4:30 pm.
(and you get to visit with a great guy and veteran while you set up).

Door prizes (5 drawn at safety meeting) and a prize table for the top finisher in each of the following 3 classes (minimum of 3 shooters per class for prize otherwise classes will be combined)

top finisher out of combined Practical, Unlimited and Factory
top finisher out of combined Heavy Optics and Heavy Sport
top finisher from 2 gun
Round Count:
Pistol - 50
Rifle - 50
Shotgun - 50 (7 1/2, 8, or 9 LEAD shot only)
BRING EXTRA! Just in case you miss and we might tweak stages at last minute that could fluctuate round count +/-10 each.

Stage 1 Field 16 & 15 - Steel town
Stage 2 Field 14 - 20,000 Reasons
Stage 3 Field 13 - Are you there
Stage 4 Field 12 - 3-gun Qualifier "Long Run-2" (designed by Larry Turner)
Stage 5 Field 11 - Triple V-3Gun

Unlimited - Open
Practical - Tactical Optics
Factory - Limited Irons
Heavy Sport - Heavy Irons
Heavy Optics - Heavy Tactical

Match Fee:
Club Members: $15
NON Members: $20
JUNIORS 18 & under: $15 (or $5 with paid adult).

3-Gun score upload $3.00

DISCOUNT: Free match fee for anyone who helps set up Saturday afternoon.

For questions and weather updates:
Please check websites for updates.
361-852-1212 or email

3-Gun match, with the following divisions:





Corpus Christi Open results:

Many thanks to our sponsors who helped make the event a success:
Frank and Sue Malek, Sprint Waste Services, HDR Engineering, Business Products, Tico Insulation Company, Craig and Fritz Cook, Helen Swetman, CCPRC, Salmon Electric, Moody Meats, and James Cooper, DDS.

Thanks to all the shooters who attended!

CCPRC's and Nueces County 4H member Ian Hyde took top HOA honors with a 390/400, other highlights:

Champ Ian Hyde 390/400 (Nueces Co 4H)
RU Frank Malek
3rd Bill Tanner
A1 Clay Swetman (SA)
A2 Jim Brooks
A3 Lee Delaune
B1 Craig Cook
B2 Jeff Hyde
C1 Tina Tullett (SA)
D1 Phil Nikel

Champ Chance Hunsaker (97/100) (Nueces Co 4H)
RU Clay Swetman
3rd Ian Hyde
AA1 Brian Tullett
A1 Curtis O'Halloran
A2 Cody Yaklin
B1 Jeff Hyde
B2 Tina Tullett
B3 Craig Cook
C1 Austin Blevins (Nueces Co 4H)
C2 John Hewitt
C3 Scott Newton
D1 Joyce Hunsaker
D2 Zach Jurecek (Nueces Co 4H)

12 gauge:
Champ Ian Hyde (99/100) (Nueces Co 4H)
RU Brian Tullett
3rd Weston Juleg (Nueces Co 4H)

AA1 Bill Tanner
A1 Clay Swetman
A2 Jim Cooper
A3 Lee Delaune
B1 Cody Yaklin
B2 Rodney Beamsley
B3 Jim Brooks
C1 Jerry Gregoire
C2 Austin Blevins (Nueces Co 4H)
C3 Scott Newton
D1 Zach Jurecek (Nueces Co 4H)
D2 Van Burg
D3 Phil Nikel
E1 Monty Nichols, II
E2 Mark Yaklin
E3 Monty Nichols, III

20 Gauge:
Champ Ian Hyde 98/100 (Nueces Co 4H)
RU Clay Swetman
3rd Rodnet Beamsley
AA! Brian Tullett
A1 Bill Tanner
A2 Frank Malek
A3 Austin Blevins (Nueces Co 4H)
B1 Craig Cook
B2 Jerry Gregoire
B3 Jim Cooper
C1 Greg Bailey
C2 Phil Nikel
D1 Monty Nichols, II
D2 Scott Newton
D3 Cody Yaklin

28 gauge:
Jim Brooks 99/100
RU Bill Tanner
3rd Ian Hyde (Nueces Co 4H)
AA1 Clay Swetman
A1 Brian Tullett
A2 Frank Malek
A3 Rodney Beamsley
B1 Craig Cook
B2 Phil Nikel
B3 Jim Cooper
C1 Jeff Hyde
C2 Austin Blevins (Nueces Co 4H)
C3 Tina Tullett
D1 Kade Currie (Nueces Co 4H)
D2 Curtis O'Halloran

Champ Ian Hyde 96/100 (Nueces Co 4H)
RU Lee Delaune
3rd Bill Tanner
AA1 Frank Malek
A1 James Brooks
A2 Rodney Beamsley
A3 Brian Tullett
B1 Craig Cook
B2 Jim Cooper
B3 Helen Swetman
C1 Curtis O'Halloran
C2 Phil Nikel
C3 Tina Tullett
D1 Monty Nichols, II

Thanks for coming!


Starting sometime late Monday May 11 or on Tuesday we will continue with our road improvement work in the area of the back bays. We also have a small piece of road to do in the rifle range. We will also be placing road material under the canopies in Bays 10-16 to upgrade them to be more all weather use. Please plan accordingly as the adjacent bays will be closed while work is in progress.




Corpus Christi Open registered skeet shoot May 8-10.  Shotgun fields 2-5 in use for this shoot.  Five stand will be closed until Thursday May 14.



Steel Challenge make up match. The Steel Challenge group volunteered to provide the setup, management and take down if we could schedule a make up match for Saturday May 9. Yes the day before Mother's day. In honor of mother's day ladies shoot free, that means wives, girlfriends, little sisters big sisters and your grandmother can shoot free. We will post more details soon. 
(and you guys are welcome for the reminder that mother's day is coming up.


This Friday and Saturday we have our annual Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet club shoot. All shotgun fields will be in use for this shoot all day Friday and Saturday May 1 & 2.



We have had a good amount of rain here at the club.  There is a fair amount of standing water.  Please make extra effort to stay on the improved roads so we can keep the mud off the roads.  Many of the north bays (1-9) have some degree of standing water.


The CBS (Coastal Bend Shooters) match for 4/19 has been cancelled due to conditions in the back bays.


CCPRC CC3Gun April 12 match is cancelled due to the weather.  Due to the rain we have had so far and the forecast for additional rain tonight and tomorrow morning the match is cancelled.  The footwork would be questionable for safe shooting.


We are currently reworking the cc3gun website, so for now look for 3gun news here and our facebook page.


On 4/11 we were able to restock some of our Hodgdon/IMR?Winchester powders.



We will have a Easter Egg Hunt at the club this Sunday afternoon, Easter Sunday, April 5.  OK, make that an Easter Clay Target hunt.  Starting at 2:00 PM we will have a random distribution of Pink, Green and White targets mixed into the skeet and trap machines.  If you have a Easter target come out and you break it you can come to the club house for a special Easter treat.

There is no cost to participate other than your normal token cost.

The club house will open at 1:30 pm on Easter Sunday.


Starting on Wednesday April 1st, Steel Challenge practice will move from Saturday morning to Wednesday afternoon. It will be set up from 5:00 PM tom 7:15 PM.

Also Five stand will have new hours starting in April. Mainly that we will open it on Saturdays until mid July.Thursdays open from 4:00 PM to 10:30 PM, Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Sundays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Be aware there may be times on Saturday you will have to "self pull".




Our activities page now has a copy of the most current satillite view of the club.


Thankfully the rain on Thursday was short, the club continues to dry up so Steel Challenge practice tomorrow, Saturday 3/28 will be a go from 10 am to 12 noon. Even though we were able to mow almost all of the bays I suggest bug spray.


With the help of the Nueces County 4H Trap & Skeet Club we moved the canopies up onto the concrete pads in the rifle range today.  With another day of sun we will open the road to the boards inside the rifle range sometime on Wednesday.  Many thanks to the 4H shooters and parents for their help in the rifle range!



We can now throw monthly NSSA/TSSA  registered skeet  targets.  Visit with manager  Craig Cook for details.  


We have several projects underway this week at the club. Our road is being reworked to smooth out the wash boarding, pot holes and issues caused by the traffic load. Please be careful and slow down when approaching the heavy equipment that is working the road. Also please observe the 10 mile an hour spend limit as soon as you turn into the club road. By slowing down as soon as we turn in it will keep our road in better shape longer.

The concrete work on bays 6-8 and the rifle range has been delayed again due to too much rain at both the club and the sand pits around town where we were going to purchase the sand to place under the new concrete. Even if we could have purchased sand the contractor would have torn up the bays with his equipment to prep the site. We decided not to get in a hurry and avoid tearing up the bays we have worked hard to improve.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve our club.





February 2015

Starting the week of 2/23 we will start work on concrete "flooring" under the canopies on bays 4 through 8 to eliminate the mud problems under those canopies.  The bays will be closed when there are contractors present in that bay.  When there is form material in place, the area under the canopies will also be closed, however the bays can be used.  The week of March 2  we should progress into the rifle range.  Hopefully the week of March 9 we will be working on replacing the slab under the canopy on shotgun field 4.

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we improve our club.


This coming Sunday 2/22 we will have our monthly Steel Challenge match. Sign up is open, here is the link:

Registration is 9:30 am and hammer down is 10:00 am.

We will set six stages again this month as follows:

Smoke & Hope
Speed option
We will have a Prize table for top three finishers and five door prizes drawn from all shooters.

Thanks and hope to see you there!





This coming weekend at the club we have World Champion (24 times) skeet shooter and instructor Todd Bender providing skeet instruction.


We also have a CBS match on Sunday: 
Coastal Bend Shooters IDPA match.  The weather outlook is excellent and our trusty IDPA Coordinator, Mike Merkler, has worked a last chance classifier match for everyone to get tuned up for the big Coastal Bend Challenge match coming on 1 March.  We will set up 5 great classifier COFs to shoot and less than 100 rounds will get the job done on your shiny new IDPA classification.  Plan to come have a great day on the range with your favorite pistol and a couple boxes of ammo, just in case of some unplanned make-up shots, a re-shoot or any number of other possibilities.  The COFs are rimfire and carbine friendly so if variety is your thing, come on out and rock an alternative firearm!  Set up will begin at 8:00 AM Sunday and your help will be GREATLY appreciated.  The match fee is $20 but those that show up at 0800 sharp on Sunday and help with setup get a $5 discount.
plan to arrive a little after 0900; registration begins about 0930 and hammer down will be at 1000 sharp.  Come on out and enjoy a great match!

Don’t forget, ladies and juniors shoot free with a paid partner/adult!!!

Contact Mike at if you have any questions on this Sunday's match or the Coastal Bend Challenge.





The 3-Gun match was a success today. Thanks to everyone that came out to shoot the 3-Gun match. We had several first time 3-Gun shooters, always good to see new recruitment. Many thanks to those that helped set up and those that helped tear down and store the match. Thanks to CCPRC board members Bill Fowler, Jeff Hyde and our President Byron Hough who came out to shoot, and they either helped set up and/or tear down.

Here is the link to the scores:…

Top three Overall 3 gun :

1st place to JK Rowzee who is awarded; a $25 gift certificate to Midway USA and a Hogue Pistol mat.

2nd place to Mark Otto who is awarded: XS Sights back pack, Springfield hat and shirt.

3rd place Sergio DeLeon who is awarded; Springfield metal sign and Springfield coffee mug.

Door prizes to:

Terry Stacy a Hogue Pistol mat

Jeremy Hawkins a Springfield Armory water bottle

JD Williams – Springfield Armory T-shirt

Randall Gaines- Springfield Armory coffee mug

Mark Woerner-Springfield Armory hat

Winners can pick up their items when the club house is open.

Again thanks to everyone that came to shoot.


Here ia a picture of our new club hats, both are Pro Mesh by Otto Caps with a velcro adjustable back.  Both sell for $16.99.

<< New text box >>

new club hats

Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at our company.




January 2015


January 31-Feb 1

Several events this weekend at the club; a registered skeet shoot Saturday and Sunday on fields 3,4 & 5. 
If the back bays are dry Steel Challenge practice and another bay set for some three gun practice both for $5 between 10 am and noon Saturday.

On Sunday CBS has a USPSA match and the following is from their match director; CBS will hold a USPSA Match this Sunday 2-1-2015 6 stages 100 plus rounds at the CCRPC club you can look at our web site at 
Start time is 10:00am we will get you home before the game, give me a call at 361-877-2015 early Sunday do to a slight chance of Rain. Thanks Mark Otto



Steel Challenge Match for January 25 is on!!!

We set 6 Stages for this match this afternoon late and it was a very nice afternoon at the club. A couple of the bays are a little sticky, the rest, thanks to being closed to vehicle traffic for several months, are growing grass very well and are drying up great. Registration starts at 9:30 and hammer down will be at 10:00 am. Stages are:

5 To Go
Speed Option
Outer Limits

See you Sunday and good shootin'


New Clubhouse, store and shotgun field hours:


The board approved the following changes to hours for the clubhouse, store and shotgun fields which will start on Thursday January 22:


November 1 to February 28:

Tuesday and Wednesday 1:00 PM to sunset.

Thursday 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to sunset


March 1 to October 31:

Tuesday and Wednesday 2:00 PM to sunset.

Thursday 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM to sunset 




Jan 19.  Wow, what a beautiful weekend. The sun came out and so did our members. The shotgun fields had shooters all weekend until very late Sunday and the pistol/rifle bays were full all weekend. Many bays were "hot bunked" with a new group pulling in as another departed. CBS shooters enjoyed a good IDPA match Sunday morning.

Even though we sold a lot of powder this weekend we still have plenty of the new supply in stock. 

Remember, renewals are due in by the 31st to avoid having your gate card turned off on Feb 1.

Steel Challenge monthly match next Sunday (1/25). Details will follow on our Steel Challenge site ccsteelchallenge,com. Have a great week!


January 17 we have a fresh load of powder in stock.


Dues are still $144.00 for a renewal. Payment of dues with the signed renewal agreement (can download from our webpage under membership tab or pick up at the club if you misplaced the one we mailed) need to be made by Jan 1. As we will closed on January 1, do not panic there is a grace period, so just get your dues paid by Jan 15th.




CCPRC management and board of directors is proud to announce our new Steel Challenge Match Director; Ross Williams, he needs no introduction to most of our members as he has been on staff since last January. He is currently our Head Puller (think puller foreman) which he will continue to perform. He carries out his many duties tirelessly and with that all important customer friendly attitude. Always asking what is next on the list when finished with the most current assignment. He is a real team player as he will offer to work outside the duties he was originally hired. He loves to shoot basically every discipline we offer at the club, and has been setting up our Steel Challenge practices and helping set the matches almost all year. An immediate and positive change with Ross is we will set 6 standard stages for the December 28th match. It will be your choice if you want to shoot all 6 or if needed choose to shoot fewer.  We are here for you.

Thank you for your support of CCPRC Steel Challenge.  We hope you will give Ross a big congrats on the new assignment and promotion, he has earned it.


Results/winners for The Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Trap Shoot
2014 12 07 Corpus Christi Ken Tuggle Mem[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [78.7 KB]

Here is a copy of an email from Mike Hessong regarding our shoot.  At the bootom is a ling to the photo album he created on facebook.  

Last weekend was the re-birth of a South Texas “winter” favorite; the Tropical Trapshoot, but renamed “The Ken Tuggle Memorial” Tropical Trapshoot in honor of Ken and what he did at the Corpus club for many years promoting this annual event. They had a great turn-out for the Tropical this year, 60+ shooters, who shot over the course of the 3 days of the event. Friday thru Sunday (Dec. 5-7, 2014). The only inclement weather this year was really just on Sunday, when it was a little foggy and drizzly (turned to a light rain toward the end of the handicap event), but NOwhere near the kinds of bad weather we have had before at the Tropical. Ken must have been looking down upon us and wanted us to have a better time in good weather than shooting in rain, slush or sleet, like we have done before !!!


I wasn’t able to make the Friday events, but good scores were turned in for the Championship events over traphouses with Pat-Traps and great targets set by the club manager (Craig Cook), PD Parker and Alan Stimpson. Really EXCELLENT targets. I was lucky enough to end up winning the Singles Championship on Saturday with a 196, over 3 shooters tied for 2nd with 194’s. Sunday’s Doubles Championship was won by Danny Thomason (of Houston) in a coin-flip over Alan Stimpson with matching scores of 95’s. Sunday’s final Handicap Championship was won by Monte Estes (I think, not exactly sure, but saw a picture of him on the podium ahead of Brandon Hempler who I know had a 94). Not sure of Monte’s score. Brandon Hempler was the HOA (High Over-All) winner for the weekend events. Good shooting guys.


I have created a Facebook photo album of the more than 1,100 pictures I took over the 2 days I competed in Corpus. DON’T worry, I limited my album to only about 10% of the shots (pictures) I took ! LOL Hope y’all enjoy them. Mike* (MH*)


Here’s a “link” for the Facebook album I created of the “2014 Ken Tuggle Memorial (Tropical Trapshoot)” at the Corpus Christi Pistol and Rifle Club:



What a Great Weekend!
The Ken Tuggle Memorial Tropical Trap Shoot was filled to our limit of 60 shooters. By all reports it was a huge success with both new first timers to our club and many old timers commenting on how great it was to see the Tropical come back to the club.We had shooters from near and far that came to shoot. All wanting to put it on their calender for next year (Yes we will repeat!) According to many of the shooters the targets were some of the best they had seen all year, with special note to the Friday night doubles targets and our new lights!

We had a nice ceremony to honor Ken between the first and second set of singles targets Saturday with an honor guard providing an appropriate multi-gun salute and kind words spoken to his honor.

We had a great shoot with help from many. Special thanks to The Nueces County 4H Trap and Skeet Club who cooked a great meal Saturday night, thanks to San Antonio Gun Club manager PD Parker who came not just to shoot, he helped set targets,thanks to Mike Hessong (Victoria Skeet and Trap Club) who shot and acted as the photographer for the event (pictures to follow), thanks to all our event sponsors and those that placed ads in our program book and special thanks to our trap committee. Thanks to the staff that gave 110% of customer oriented extra effort to make the shoot a successful shoot for the shooters! Thank you to all the shooters who invested their time and resources to come to our club to shoot!

Thanks for coming!




Our club staff has been getting questions related to our road and the posted speed limit.  The questions basically ask about the wash boarding and potholes in the road between the clubhouse and FM 763.  The other questions are basically why members can not drive faster than 10 mph until after they come through the main gate.


The answer to both these questions are related.  It has to do not just with safety which should be obvious, it also has to do with road maintenance.  The faster we drive the more “dust” is created behind the vehicle which then is carried off the road by our typical wind.  Road engineers describe the “dust” as the road material fine particles.  It is the fine particles that bind and hold the larger rock in place.  When we lose enough of the fine particles the road starts to become rough.  One only has to compare the road between the clubhouse and FM 763 with the road between the clubhouse and the 2nd gate (not the skeet and trap parking lot, the road that runs along the north side of the grass area behind the shotgun fields) and on into the back pistol/rifle bays.  These roads were built at the same time with the same material.  The road into the club is rougher the closer to FM 763 and smoother the closer to the club house.  The road between the clubhouse and 2nd gate is basically smooth.  The largest difference is that our members drive much closer to the posted speed limit of 10 mph once they come through the first gate and they drive incrementally faster the closer they are to FM 763.  With an average vehicle the dust cloud starts to be noticeable around 12-15 mph, by the time a vehicle is going 20 mph or more there is a very noticeable trailing cloud.  If our members would consider driving as close to the posted limit as possible it will save our club a good deal of money in having to have the roads reworked as often. Members will also be happier with the resulting smoother roads.  We would much rather budget the funds for other new improvements than to have to rework the roads.  Great questions and thanks to those that ask.


September 2014




The New Target Stands are in stock and for sale at the club house as of Saturday Sept 13.  The stands will sell for $32 (plus tax) by itself.  If you want to buy a target backer board the stand and board will be $40 (plus tax).  Pictures as above solo stand and with backer.  The only difference is the new stands are painted blue.